If you want to ensure that your car is looking its freshest on the streets of Covina, it’s important that you wash it regularly. However, there are a lot of competing theories on how to wash a car and how often to wash a car. The service team at Mercedes-Benz of West Covina is here with some of the best tips we have on keeping your car sparkly clean as you drive it around La Puenta. Check them out, below!

How Often To Wash a Car

Many people who drive around Glendora will only wash their car once it gets excessively dirty. Whether it’s a hand wash or automatic, you might want to consider a more regular washing schedule when considering how often to wash a car, because leaving dirt on your car can negatively impact your paint over time. Every few months, you should go for a deep cleaning with wax and polish to make your car look shiny and new as you drive. As for regular washes in between those deep cleanings, once a week is a good target for most drivers, but you might want to adjust this based on how often you drive.

Rinse and Wash

Do you need a simple guide on how to wash a car? The first thing you’re going to want to do is give the car a thorough rinse to loosen up dirt off of the surface of your car. After that, you can use car washing mitts and drying cloths if you want to get an extra clean exterior. To keep your windows looking their best, you should opt for a solution meant just for car windows that does not have any ammonia in it. When considering how to wash a car, you should always opt for specialized car products over ordinary household cleaners, as they are less likely to inadvertently damage your vehicle.

Clay Bar and Compound Application

Dealing with stubborn tree sap or stuck-on insects that a general car wash can’t seem to take off? You can gently buff away such contaminants with a clay bar. Then, apply 2 to 4 coats of a compound containing a dual-action polisher to smooth out any minor scratches that may be hiding beneath the surface.

Apply Car Polish (If Desired)

For an extra-sleek ride, you can finish off with a good car polish. We recommend a dual-action polisher, as the oils provide that glossy look many drivers desire. Apply the solution with an orbital buffer or a soft towel; the buffer will complete the job faster, but the towel will deliver a cleaner final result. If you do use a buffer, just be mindful of debris that can get caught between the pad and your vehicle, as it can lead to scratches.

Mercedes-Benz of West Covina Takes Care of More Than Just Your Car

When you come to Mercedes-Benz of West Covina, you’re getting much more than service or parts for your car. You’re getting peace of mind and reassurance as you shop for a car or get yours maintained. We have what it takes to get Covina driving and we want to show you what we can do for you. Contact us to find out more! Even if you’re just looking for additional tips for cleaning your interior, like how to clean floor mats, we’re happy to help!

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