If you’re driving near Covina and notice that your car trembles when braking, in the steering column or brake pedals, there are multiple reasons. If you’re asking, “why does my car shake when braking?” it’s usually either a problem with your tires, brake rotors, or steering and suspension components. The highly trained service technicians at Mercedes-Benz of West Covina are here to explain why your La Puenta car trembles when braking. Learn more and schedule a service appointment if you notice your car shakes when braking.

Brake Rotors

Damaged brake rotors can sometimes be the cause of a car that trembles when braking. Rotors are paired with brake pads and work to stop your car’s wheels from spinning. When rotors have been used for a long period of time, they become thinner from extended use and break down, leaving them damaged. After a certain point, your rotors become warped from the high heat that’s generated during braking. Once the rotor has been warped, this will cause the brake pads to slip and make your car shake, typically felt in the brake pedal. Depending on your driving conditions and style in Glendora, brake rotors can last up to 70,000 miles, but may need to be replaced earlier.


The next answer to why your car may be shaking is the tires, which is the cause of trembling in the steering wheel. When your tires are misaligned or sometimes even cold, your vehicle’s suspension is required to work harder in order to keep your car balanced. Even hitting a curb or pothole could be the cause for misalignment. Wheel alignment should be checked up on every 5,000 miles or so alongside a typical tire rotation.

Steering and Suspension Components

If the brake rotors and tires are the culprits behind your car trembling, then it could be that your steering or suspension systems are damaged. If this is true, you may be able to feel your car trembling not only during braking but at all times. A damaged axle shaft could also be the reason, causing your car to shake when it comes to a stop. The next time you take your car in for a tire rotation, you should also have the suspension components checked.

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With so many reasons behind why your car trembles when braking, it’s difficult to diagnose the exact problem yourself. If you’re asking, “why does my car shake when braking?” don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our service department at Mercedes-Benz of West Covina in West Covina! Contact us for any questions about maintaining your car in optimal condition, and check our service tips for additional advice on cleaning your car and much more!

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