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Whether your Covina is new or you’ve loved it for a few years, maintaining your car’s exterior has always been a priority. So, which is the best way to wash your car, hand wash car wash or touchless car wash? Explore the pros and cons of hand car wash vs. touchless car wash with the service team at Mercedes-Benz of West Covina. Then, check out our service specials so you’re guaranteed to get the best price on your next service appointment!

Benefits of the Hand Wash Car Wash

Explore the pros and cons of hand wash car wash to see which suits you best in La Puenta:

Hand Wash Car Wash Advantages

  • Thorough Results – Even though a touchless car wash may be quick, a hand wash car wash gives attention to locations that machines in a touchless car wash can’t reach. This is especially important if you need to clean the undercarriage or if your car hasn’t been washed in a long time.
  • DIY Affordability – You can find car detailing experts who will give your vehicle a hand car wash near Glendora or you can also learn how to wash your car at home at a fraction of the cost. Our service department can even recommend cleaning products.

Hand Car Wash Disadvantages

  • More Expensive From Professionals – Since you’ll be paying for labor as well as materials, you can expect hand wash car wash from a professional to be more costly than a touchless car wash.
  • Potential Damage to Exterior – You need to rinse your vehicle thoroughly before you start a hand car wash. Not removing larger debris could cause your vehicle to end up with scratches – something that every West Covina driver wants to avoid.

Benefits of the Touchless Car Wash

Still can’t decide which is better, hand car wash vs. touchless car wash? Explore these advantages of the hands-free car wash:

Touchless Car Wash Advantages

  • Less Time Commitment – With a touchless car wash, the whole process can be over and done in ten minutes or less.
  • Less Risk of Exterior Scratches – A touchless car wash that leaves scratches on a vehicle isn’t going to stay in business. For this reason, touchless car washes tend to be easier on your paint job.
  • Lower Costs – Unless you’re used to hand car washes at home, a touchless car wash is much more affordable than other alternatives.

Hands-Free Car Wash Disadvantages

  • Less Thorough Results – If you’re in a hurry, you may be satisfied with the results of the average touchless car wash. However, these systems are bound to miss a few spots, and are not known for removing stubborn debris.
  • Potential for Water Spots – In the best-case scenario, your vehicle will be air-dried at the end of a touchless car wash. Still, only a thorough hand-drying will remove all water spots.

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