If you notice a strange smell in your car, one that’s musty and has a sour milk-like odor, that’s a sign of car mold and you’re going to need to act fast. Car mold can do serious damage to your seats and if you don’t want that, check out our tips on how to get rid of car mold. Have other questions? Be sure to check out our hub of service guides and parts guides.

Car Mold Removal Step By Step

Taking the mold out of your car is essential in keeping it clean, even more so if you want to sell your car. Here’s how to get mold out of your car:

  • Take trash and other items out of your car’s interior, especially wet clothing which causes mold to spread quickly.
  • Water damage from rain can also cause mold to form. Make sure your interior dries before cleaning everything up.
  • With a dry vacuum, clean the car’s upholstery. Make sure you vacuum everything thoroughly, including beneath and between the seats.
  • Make sure to choose a good mold cleaner. For a nice home remedy, white vinegar and hot water combined in a spray bottle is our choice for La Puenta drivers, with or without baking soda added. This odor remover works especially well on black mold. One part of water and one part color-safe bleach will work as well, but you’ll want to test a patch in a low visibility area first to ensure it doesn’t discolor your upholstery.
  • While your doors are open, spray the interior of the vehicle with your cleaner. You can use these cleaners anywhere except where there’s mold growth.
  • If you can’t remove the mold from the car’s interior, you can use the upholstery attachment on a wet-dry vacuum.
  • After your cleaning is done, leave the car windows open so you can dry the interior. If you don’t, the mold might spread.

More Car Mold Removal Tips

  • If you notice the presence of black mold, be sure to put on a dust mask. Black mold can irritate the lungs and cause breathing problems.
  • Enzyme-based cleaners will be able to handle lots of mold types, and you can find them in most hardware stores.
  • You can take your car in to be detailed, you likely won’t be able to get the mold out there. However, you might be able to find a dedicated car cleaning service that can handle mold.
  • Spray down the interior of the vehicle entirely. Mold spores can go in places that don’t visibly show it.

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